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Hello, I'm Vincent

More than 2 billion people are connected to the internet and more than 73% use social media to trade, exchange and communicate. Since 2014, my mission has been to help entrepreneurs and businesses  to understand the digital marketing world and move their business online while also optimising their presence on social networks. For this I am working on three axes: 


1. Create and Produce

via the web agency www.Histoires-Digitales.fr based in Paris — aimed at small businesses and SMEs which focus on the production of content for social networks, newsletters, blog articles and websites.

2. Train yourself

and your team

TRAIN via the platform www.tomdela.com with my online training courses and webinars to teach small and medium-sized businesses about digital and social networks.

3. Advice and Connect

9 years’ experience. I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects from Europe, Africa and Oceania and developed an expertise in digital strategy consultancy and web project management. I’ve also built a unique network of digital experts